Some weekend Snaps: Cars and Coffee

I set 40 alarms on my phone for Sunday morning and was up and spritely after about the 10th one (better than usual).

A Subaru Summer Send Off Pt. 2

Thats right I drank so much coffee I friggin maxed out a stamp card!  

January at a glance

In time I'm hoping this anthology will show any prospective clients or employers that I have a true passion that I genuinely want to share with people through my work.  

Ziptie Drags, The I5 and Angeles Crest Highway.

Straight off the exit I could tell this was going to blow by my expectations with hurricane force

Ziptie Drags-Leaving

 Its going to be absolute freedom behind the wheel....yea thats my cheesy as cracker barrel tag line and I love it!

Eating some Cones

The first few heats saw some cars overshooting cones and corners likely caused by the fog being thick enough to hide a herd of elephants.  


I could probably use a regular workout schedule too because lets face it, cheeseburgers and beer are delicious but they make me lose my breathe unloading the dishwasher.