A Subaru Summer Send Off Pt. 2

Thats right I drank so much coffee I friggin maxed out a stamp card!  

Inconsistent and still having fun..

Its been a go kart ride and a half since I left my website hanging in cyber space.

January at a glance

In time I'm hoping this anthology will show any prospective clients or employers that I have a true passion that I genuinely want to share with people through my work.  

The long way home

Sans all the criminal activity and destruction of property its like we are writing a script on the asphalt with our radials.

Ziptie Drags: Good Friends and Bad Weather

There is nothing quite like skipping a half mile long lineup to scoot into the Ziptie drags after a long and awesome day on the road.  Straggling behind Jacob in his AMC Hornet and Jeff in his 55 Chevy I got waved into the 2nd Ziptie Drags in Tucson Arizona.  The Roadkill guys had still … Continue reading Ziptie Drags: Good Friends and Bad Weather

Ziptie Drags-Meetup and roll out

Always remember the best time to shoot is when everyone is distracted by the action going on whether its famous folks or mustangs crashing.

Ziptie Drags, The I5 and Angeles Crest Highway.

Straight off the exit I could tell this was going to blow by my expectations with hurricane force

Ziptie Drags-Leaving

 Its going to be absolute freedom behind the wheel....yea thats my cheesy as cracker barrel tag line and I love it!

Eating some Cones

The first few heats saw some cars overshooting cones and corners likely caused by the fog being thick enough to hide a herd of elephants.  

New Year, New Clutch

I could instantly tell the pilot bearing was completely annihilated due to chunks of it dangling in the end of the crank and on the end of the input shaft of the transmission.