I brought too much film…maybe

So over the last few years film photography has sort of made a resurgence in the wide world of visual arts and pushed back towards mainstream media. Companies are starting to use film emulated colouring and filtering in their ads, instax cameras are everywhere, and 35mm is starting to find it’s way to store shelves in regular stock again. Straight up I’m gonna say it, Instagram and all the trendy photo apps are the culprit, that Kardashian chick sure gave things a bump too, if you disagree you’re just being difficult. I’m not gonna be one of those hip d bags that says I was doing it before it got popular again, I mean maybe I was but it was a long while ago and I would be trying to steal a couple pics from mom and dad’s point and shoot back in the day. Mostly my friends and I would snap pics of each other skateboarding or around school or doing stupid sh** that teenagers do. That was just the Y2K days and we didn’t have phone to…wow I’m starting to sound old so I think I’ll summarize this faster now. Realistically seeing so many artists starting to create in the analog realm once again re ignited my love for the drawn out but utilitarian process. I wanted to take full advantage of a few boxes of Portra 400 and having my Leica M6 on hand while being in Orange County the last two weeks. Here are a few of my favourites from around OC and our small excursion to the desert, and if you are wondering about the title of this post…you can never bring too much film.

Randoms around Huntington Beach

I basically make sure I have a camera of some sort with my at all times, the first week we were here it was primarily the Leica M6 loaded with Portra 400. Classic and easy combo although more in tune photographers will probably scold my photos for looking like I shot them with a disposable and ridicule a lack of composition. I see things I like, I take a photo, it’s just that simple. Funny enough there are a few shots that I took with a Lomography colour 400 disposable, see if you can figure out which ones. Anyways, I spent a good amount of time just long-boarding, tasting the local convenience store hops and barley selection and enjoying the sights, here’s some of them!

Pristine Motorsports

I love this little dealer, they always have something cool on the lot during the day and I often find myself squeezing my face through the bars of the back lot like a little kid to peek at what else they have. Here’s a random mix of G model turbos and a white cabriolet with a 991.1 C2 to modernize and add water to the air cooled cocktail.

The Desert

If you want to read about our stay at Adobe Ridge check out the last post on the blog Dipping our toes in the desert silt for my take on staying in the desert outside of Joshua Tree national park. I’ll also have a separate gallery coming soon about our outing to the park itself. I think a place as special as JT deserves it’s own post, fight me if you don’t agree.

Laguna Beach

Kat and I spent an afternoon walking aorund Laguna beach and admiring the steep landscape and beautiful streets. I will say in comparison to HB it has a lot of distinct differences in sanitation and bylaws, the both probably walk hand in hand. We talked about how cool it would be to live in a place like Laguna but might be a bit far fetched for a car guy like me, DB limits and tough bylaws with modified vehicles keep this a quiet and quaint little cliffside dwelling for seniors and bouje’ hermits. Still was a great place to visit and we had a fantastic lunch at a place called Skyloft, fantastic cornbread and BBQ with great cocktails to sip on while you enjoy the ocean breeze and amazing views.

A random walk around Newport Beach and my favourite photo from 5 rolls of film

So on a rather gloomy overcast day that saw the permanent Cali residents dawning sweaters and pants I decided to take a drive down PCH and see the sights around the south side of Newport Beach. The process for finding an area to photograph in was simple, drive, park, load film and proceed to be lost and confused for 2 hours. No just kidding (google maps is a thing) I basically parked beside the ocean bluffs and took a 2 hour walk through the gorgeous neighbourhoods, PCH and back.

Of all these random film snaps I think this one is my absolute favourite, this is the Goldenrod bridge in Newport. Absolutely covered in flowers and spans a small ravine with a road below, it just had a cool perspective and you could see almost all the way to the ocean. Would be a fantastic sunset shot but it just happened to be overcast when I went and that’s the memory I get for now. It was a great outing amongst several neat little excursions. As I write this my trip is coming to a close and I’m slowly coming to terms with getting back to reality and work, these places always bring out the best of me I feel and I will always take California as it’s presented to me. It’s beautiful here, because of things that just occur naturally and because of things that man has engineered, left behind or is starting to achieve. Such a weird and wonderful part of the world that we will always think of as another home in our hearts.

I’ll see you around!

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