SoCal after a 2 year Hiatus

Labor Day 2019 seems like it was yesterday and 10 years ago all at the same time. I’m pretty sure anyone reading that who is in touch with the happenings in the modern world will know the same feeling. 2 years ago myself, my wife, sister and some friends all met up in Huntington Beach at the family vacation home to spend a week in the California heat together. Being here had been an almost quarterly adventure at one point after my marriage, we even toyed with the idea of moving here. So in late summer 2019 I did an epic 2 day thrash to get some things fixed on my 2015 Mustang and literally took it off jack-stands, packed a bag, washed my hands and face then hit the highway. It really puts a smile on my face to reminisce because that run was one of the best road trips down south I’ve accomplished on my own. I ran some twisting back roads, met some friends from NorCal and made a full 3 day epic adventure of it (check the video below). Once I arrived to HB and settled in with my wife and friends (they flew down) it was a week of relaxation and fun in the sun. We left California on a high note and made some of the best memories ever.

A quick look at the last time we came here….

But I’m not really doing car stuff this time

After that trip a few things changed around the world and within our family. We endured some hefty challenges, navigated career changes and dealt with some devastating loss. But we made it back and this time I made a promise to myself not to take my surroundings and situations for granted. I usually try to hit cruise-ins or car shows or take my own car around to find cool spots to shoot and drive. I truly enjoy doing all of that with cars but I always left feeling like I didn’t take in much more than the pavement and parking spots of California. This time I brought a small camera setup and even some 35mm film with me to just walk, skate, wander and explore the neighbourhoods of Orange, and LA counties.

I’ve been taking some time to relax and wind down while trying to ignore work emails and calls but I managed to take a couple photo walks with my Leica Q2. The 28mm focal length and small size paired with 46mp sensor (yes that’s 46 megapixels) and easy operation make it a great little shutter for quick snaps and moments in the alleys and streets or along the beach. After a couple of outings I uploaded some shots to the trusty ol’ macbook that has been by my side through many other trips down here. I’m glad that I spent some time in the first few days here taking in our surroundings, I’ve got a spool of 35mm to develop but it will have to wait as we are gonna hit the road. After I put this post out I’ll be grabbing our super exotic rental car, a Yaris, and cramming with our gear and heading to the desert. I’m not gonna explain much more than that because I’m going to post another gallery when we get back! I look forward to sharing a little more of our adventure with you, hopefully we don’t run into a Hills Have Eyes situation.

Enjoy some snaps from aroun Huntington Beach and I’ll see you on the road!

This 944 parked in a back alley just looked so perfect swaddled by the grey adobe style architecture

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One thought on “SoCal after a 2 year Hiatus

  1. Awesome job Son, so well written 👍
    Enjoy the dessert

    Get Outlook for iOS


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