Inconsistent and still having fun..

I Was On A Roll

Well, there is something to be said for keeping up on your personal blog.  Hats off to all of my compadre’s that can keep it up because hot damn… can be difficult.  Case and point, well, you’re reading it.   I sort of went into this with the notion that I could keep up on writing and seeking out the stories and content that make me happy and entertained.  If I can be super cliche for a moment, life got in the way.  New Job, new friends, new goals and next to no spare time to sit down and write.  Now that I’m in the swing of things several months later here we are again.

The Verdict is still exploding eardrums and pissing off the neighbours…and I love it to death.

I’m only inserting this post to give a quick update on what has happened over the past 6 months with all thing Ridic Auto.  First and foremost I let go of the wild reigns that are self employment and took on a full time Job at Porsche Centre Langley that I previously featured in Stuttgart Stupor .

Back to the 9-5

Working for Porsche has some very nice perks

While letting my eyes meander the internet one day I somehow came upon the Open Road auto group careers page (probably looking for photographer postings).  I noticed that Porsche Centre was hiring, without even reading the ad I sent off an email with my half haste made resume’ and passed out.   By now it is Approaching April and I had been slowing down with my home business and sort of reaching an uncomfortable point of late nights, slow days and even a bit of un seasonal blues. Not going to lie I had become lazy and de-motivated and the idea of things being simple and having a 9-5 was quite enticing.   On easter Sunday I got the call from my now manager to come in for an interview.

Since then it’s been a whirlwind 6 months, Spring and Summer flew by faster than you can say “Corona and tequila”.  I have accomplished a few things and spent a lot of time getting to know the modern lineup of Porsche Vehicles as a lot associate and detailer.  I’ve also managed to make some new friends along the way and even had my writing and photography showcased on the internet famous “Speedhunters”.

Photographer…….Detailer……No clue

Phil Mouls’ Rad 242 gt powered my a coyote v8!

My story: An Apocalypse Proof Volvo showcased my friend Phil’s brutally gorgeous Volvo 242 gt with a coyote V8 swap.  It also cemented the idea in my head that I was going to continue down the path I had turned onto with this very blog.  I guess for a while after that I had become complacent and sort of sat back and revelled in the fact I had accomplished something I had wanted to do for a long time.

A short while later I was contracted by VCMC who run most of the auto cross and track days in the area.  Matt who was organizing a club day at the new and popular track “Area 27”, asked if I would be able to shoot the track day.  If memory serves correct, there was just over 60 cars running and I was tasked with getting as many shots of each one as I possibly could.  It was one hell of a lesson in trackside work and made for one of the best days I have had behind the shutter.  It also left me with one badass farmers tan.

The battles at Area 27 were interesting to say the least!

From there June wound its way to a close and I found myself on a plane with my wife and family, destined for Greece.  After a fantastic trip and a whole lot of new experiences in what seemed like no time flat I was back on the lot at Porsche.  My first week back I was able to attend one of Porsche’s local track days at River’s Edge Raceway in Mission BC and flex my trackside skills with a DSLR.  It was another great day of shooting and was one of the best days at work a guy could ask for.

Summers End

To finish off the hot season I found myself taking a few extra days off on top of my already planned trip to LA.   The reason was quite unexpected to say the least but it was an opportunity to work for someone who’s photography I have admired for quite some time.

The day Wesley contacted me I was out enjoying the sunset in The Verdict.

Wesley Allison is one of the worlds top photographers and has done work for several magazines and manufacturers shooting cars.  He messaged me to ask if I would be interested in assisting him to do some shooting for Sony and without hesitation I said yes! I spent the week in Vancouver showing him a few local spots and traversing the city to find scenes and landscapes to photograph.  Seeing the way someone who is a true professional frames their shots and looks at lighting was a very eye opening and thought provoking experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed working for him and talking about everything from photos to Hot Rods and everything in between.  After 4 days of 4am wake up calls and some fantastic sunrises and night mission shoots, I dropped Wes off at the airport, thanked him and we parted ways.  About 7 hours later I found myself once again barrelling down Interstate 5 south with California on my brain and my sister as co pilot.

In my happy place, this time with all wheel drive and the worst seat imaginable.

I think that, right there is a perfect spot to leave things for this post.  Its been a go kart ride and a half since I left my website hanging in cyber space with my last post A day to day WRX.  I guess it could sort of half ass tie into this post because it’s the car that I took down to LA.  I’ll let you know all about that trip soon, until then maybe I’ll see you on the road.

Still looking for the next big adventure


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